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DGAC promotes improvement in the safe transportation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods globally by providing education, assistance and information to the private and public sectors, through our unique status with regulatory bodies, and the diversity and technical strengths of our membership.


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Dangerous Goods Advisory Council

DGAC Annual Conference "Call for Presenters"

The 2015 DGAC Annual Conference Program Subcommittee would like to remind everyone of the deadline of May 20, 2015 is quickly approaching and would like to make a final call for ALL proposed abstracts for our general conference and workshop presentations.  All abstracts will be reviewed and selections will be made by the subcommittee.  To learn more, click here.  Please note, we have streamlined the submission process and all applications must be submitted electronically via email.

HAZMAT Training Classes

DGAC can provide the right training for the specific dangerous goods that your company handles. Does your company offer appropriate, consistent, and regularly scheduled hazmat training classes? Are you an employee who needs to improve your skills in order to qualify for jobs that require training? If you are looking for HAZMAT classes, DGAC offers help and hazmat training in accordance with industry regulations and standards.

Scheduled or In-House HAZMAT Training Classes

There are a variety of ways to attend our hazmat classes. We offer scheduled hazmat training in various locations for various types of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Courses are conducted over two to four days, depending on the topic. Refer to our hazmat course schedule to find out where and when the pre-scheduled courses will take place. For infrequent or individual training needs, the scheduled hazmat classes are often the most cost-effective.

For clients who have groups that need training, in-house courses may be the better option. With our in-house hazmat training, you can schedule the type of training that your company requires for a time that suits you and your employee schedules. We offer a wide range of hazmat classes that are taught by experienced, skilled trainers from DGAC. Hazmat classes can also be tailored to your needs if you have additional chemicals or dangerous goods that should be added. We create courses that make sense for each company or group we work with and DGAC members are eligible for discounts on in-house training courses.

Stay Involved and Stay Safe

Companies that become members of DGAC not only benefit from discounts, but they also become part of a network of professionals who are dedicated to the safe handling of hazardous materials. You will also receive regular updates on our HAZMAT classes so you and your employees are always up to date on the latest regulations and requirements.

For more information and to learn how Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC) can further your company’s knowledge and expertise when it comes to handling and transporting hazardous materials and danger goods, please contact our team at (202) 289-4550.