Dangerous Goods Courses / Registration Information

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2014 Training Dates

Dates Courses Member Rates Non-Member Rates Instructor

Aug 18-22

HMT-150: Initial Multi-Modal

*Please read course details here.

$1145 $1295 Jesse Lake Charles, LA

Aug 26-28

HMT-605: Classifying Hazardous Materials $595 $675 Vaughn Houston, TX

Sep 9-12

HMT-130: Motor Vehicle or Aircraft $995 $1145 Chuck Houston, TX

Sep 15-17

HMT-200: Transportation by Aircraft $595 $675 Chuck Houston, TX

Sep 18-19

HMT-155: Recurrent Multi-Modal $595 $675 Jesse Houston, TX

Sep 22-26

HMT-150: Initial Multi-Modal $1145 $1295 Jesse Houston, TX

Nov 6-7

HMT-600: DG on European Roads $595 $675 Martin
Charlotte, NC

Nov 6-7

HMT-155: Recurrent Multi-Modal $595 $675 Chuck Charlotte, NC

Dec 4-5

HMT-155: Recurrent Multi-Modal $595 $675 Jesse Las Vegas, NV

Dec 8-12

HMT-150: Initial Multi-Modal $1145 $1295 Jesse Las Vegas, NV


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Special Group Rates!

Save from 10-15% when registering multiple trainees. Students attending the same class from the same company (not a subsidiary, parent or consulting firm) are welcome to take advantage of DGAC’s group rates. The first  two students will pay the full registration rate, while students 3-5 are entitled to 10% off the registration fee. Additional students from that company (6 or more) are entitled to 15% off their registration fee.  To receive discount, please call (202) 289-4550 prior to registration.

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