DGAC / DOT Training Partnership

Final Document Released

DOT has posted the new publication "What You Should Know: A Guide to Developing a Hazardous Materials Training Program" on the PHMSA web site. The booklet is the product of a DOT/DGAC Partnership Agreement that was begun in early 2008 to develop a guide to explain the training requirements in the Hazardous Materials Regulations, identify those employees who must be trained, and provide a tool to help hazmat employers determine what type of training and training environment may be best for their employees.

History of the Partnership

DGAC staff worked closely with DOT PHMSA personnel to develop a partnership on hazmat transportation instructor best practices. The partnership Agreement was signed at DGAC's Annual Conference in Santa Fe, NM, on November 15, 2007. DGAC and many of its member companies conduct training programs designed to ensure persons involved in various activities related to hazardous materials transportation are properly trained in the application and use of the Hazardous Materials Regulations. The purpose of the partnership is to develop voluntary best practices and guidelines for instructors of hazmat training programs to move the industry towards a performance oriented program that demonstrates the effectiveness of hazmat training. The scope of the project includes a review of the factors that enhance the training experience and make it effective, development of voluntary best practices for a training program, assessment of basic course materials needed, and identification of scope and benefits of different testing methods applicable to intended competencies of students for knowledge learned.