HMT- 600 - Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) Transportation Training

HMT-600 - 2 Days 

Preparing Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials) for Transportation on European Roads (in Accordance With ADR)



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October 31-November 1, 2019                 
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The “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” referred to as the “ADR”, is closely aligned with the structure of the IMDG Code and the ICAO Technical Instructions.  However, the ADR does have variations, which mean that simple compliance with the "UN" system (e.g., IMDG Code, ICAO/IATA requirements) does not ensure compliance for the road journey. The ADR is currently utilized by 48 signatories (countries) covering a population greater than the USA and Canada combined and a geographic area extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. For a list of Contracting Parties as of 2017, click here.

This course will consider the problems encountered by US exporters to countries that utilize the ADR, including the interface between modes of transport.

The course describes the structure of ADR and highlights differences between it and the other regulations.  The method of instruction will assume the participant has a thorough knowledge of the UN regulatory structure and its provisions for classification, packaging and hazard communication and will teach the ADR provisions by showing the differences.  Instruction will focus on non-bulk packages although some tank issues will also be discussed. There will be a particular focus on Transport Operations, an essential body of knowledge for a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.


The training methodology used in this course assumes the student has prior knowledge of the UN dangerous goods transportation concepts.  These concepts are used in the HMR, ICAO/TI, IMDG Code and other regulatory guides.  Students who do not possess this knowledge may not successfully complete this course. If you are considering taking the “DGSA Training Course and Exam”, the topics covered provide an overview of the expected body of knowledge for a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

Course Date for 2018 - Course follows the DGAC Annual Summit.

October 31 - November 1, 2019

Baltimore, MD

Details to follow.

Please arrive and sign-in at 7:30AM on the first day

Materials Covered

An introduction to ADR and its Relationships to Other Modal Regulations

Annexes A and B

ADR Terminology

Transport operations