Training FAQs

Who should attend DGAC training courses?

Hazmat employees with any level of responsibility for regulatory compliance as required by Federal law will benefit from our training courses.

How often must I be trained?

The US Department of Transportation requires ALL hazmat employees (e.g., those who perform regulated functions and/or directly affect hazardous materials transportation safety) receive training on at least two occasions:

  • Initial Training -- before performing any regulated function.
  • Recurrent Training -- at least once every three years.

    (Note: In addition, training is also required as regulations change.)

What's the difference between initial training and recurrent training?

The difference is not in the content, but in the audience and training methodology. Recurrent training is intended to ensure that trained hazmat employees retain knowledge and skills developed during initial training. Either initial or recurrent courses may be used to meet recurrent training requirements. Individuals who mastered the material presented during initial training and who regularly apply that knowledge might consider taking a "recurrent" training course where the information is presented as a review (not as initial training) in a shorter time period. Others may benefit more by retaking the initial course.

What DGAC courses should I take?

For Shipping By: Classes:
Ground Only Initial Training is HMT-100 
Recurrent Training is HMT-115 or HMT-100 (or, for more depth, HMT-110 Advanced Training) 

Air Only

Initial Training is HMT-200
Recurrent Training is HMT-200 or HMT 215

(Note: The HMT-215 and HMT-200 also cover ground transportation to and from the airport) 

Water Only

Initial Training is HMT-300 
Recurrent Training is HMT-315 or HMT 300 

(Note: the HMT-300 and HMT-315 also cover ground transportation to and from the port)

All Modes Initial Training is HMT-150 (classroom) or HMW-150 (webinar)
Recurrent Training is HMT-155 or HMT-150 (classroom) or HMW-155 or HMW-150 (webinars)
Specialized Applications Shipments to/from Europe (ADR) is HMT-600 
Classification is HMT-605 (classroom) or HMW-605 (webinar)
Performance-Oriented Packaging is HMT-608 (classroom) or HMW-608 (webinar)

What do I need to bring/have for the class?

All attendees will be provided with DGAC's course textbook and a copy of the DOT HMR (49 CFR) unless otherwise stated in the course description. For courses that require the IMDG Code or IATA DGR, all students will be provided copies for IN-CLASS USE ONLY. We have adopted this policy in order to contain costs and keep our registration fees as low as possible. 

How do I make hotel reservations?

DGAC does not make hotel reservations. If you would like accommodations at the hotel where the class is conducted, please contact the hotel directly.  DGAC holds a block of rooms at each hotel for each course. BE SURE TO MENTION THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING A DGAC TRAINING CLASS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED ROOM RATE. Room blocks are held for a limited time, so call the hotel early.

What is DGAC’s Training Cancellation and Transfer Policy?

DGAC's cancellation policy applies to all registrations. To cancel or modify a registration, email us at To see the full policy, click here

When does class begin and end?

Class will be in session from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day (unless otherwise indicated). Please sign in on the first day between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Coffee will be provided daily during this time, and coffee and soft drinks will be provided daily during morning and afternoon breaks. Participants will be on their own for lunch, which runs from approximately noon to 1 p.m. 

 DGAC's cancellation policy applies to all registrations. To cancel a registration, fill out DGAC's Cancellation form available online at Cancellations 
received at least 11 business days prior to the class will be refunded in full; six to 10 business days prior to class will 
be refunded at 50 percent; five business days or less prior to class and "no-show" registrants will not be refunded. If 
you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. To transfer a registration, fill out DGAC's Transfer 
Form located at Transfers to another class may be arranged up to six business 
days prior to class. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the beginning of the class.
In the event of a class cancellation, DGAC's sole responsibility will be to refund the amount paid for the class, reschedule the class, or transfer the student to another class at DGAC's discretion. DGAC assumes no responsibility for 
loss of travel or other expenses

If I train with DGAC, do I get a certificate? 

Federal regulations require that each hazmat employee receive all required training prior to performing a regulated function and at least once every three years thereafter. While these federal regulations also require that training include testing, they do not permit testing to take the place of training. To document your  DGAC training, a certificate of training will be issued after completion of this course. If earning a certificate is important to you, please bear in mind when making travel and other arrangements that certificates are earned ONLY by  completing the course. Certificates cannot be issued to participants who miss class, arrive late, or depart early.

DGAC follows guidelines in awarding certificates and CEU (continuing education units) to participants who successfully complete a DGAC training course. The CEU is a nationally recognized unit designed to provide a record of an individual's continuing education accomplishments. CEUs earned will be reflected on Certificates of Training.

All classes consist of lecture, work projects, question & answer sessions, and testing. Participants must attend all classroom sessions to receive a certificate. Please note when making travel arrangements: Students who arrive late and/or depart early will not be eligible for a certificate.

I can't find / haven't received my certificate for a class I attended.

If you didn't miss any class time and it has been more than a month since your course ended, you can fill out our easy, Certificate Request Form. Please Note: There are two different types of certificates that you may receive upon completion of the course, and you will only receive one of these. If you completed all tests and quizzes with an average score of 85 percent or better, you will receive a certificate that states "Successful Completion" of the course. If your average score was below 85 percent, you will receive a "Certificate of Attendance."

Does DGAC offer group training rates?

 Call 202-289-4550 for more information. Regarding discounts on training.